the holiday shorts

the holidays can be murder.

I have a serious thing for cozy mysteries. But, I hardly read any that featured young, black women. So, I wrote some. These short stories center around national holidays like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Fourth of July, etc. Enjoy for free!

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#1 chocolate covered murder: a valentine’s day mystery

ccm1True-crime addict Brianna Coleman wants nothing to do with Valentine’s Day. But when her best friend comes down with the flu and can’t attend Single & Sexy, the city’s most romantic Valentine’s Day weekend getaway, she agrees to go in her place.

Nate Harrington couldn’t care less about Valentine’s Day, especially when his grandmother is dying of cancer. Her nurse switches her Single & Sexy ticket to his name in hopes that spending time outside of the hospital will distract him from his problems.

When a blizzard blows in, trapping Nate and Brianna inside the luxurious P Hotel, their weekend gets a little more…sexy. And when a body turns up things get a little…sinister.

Can Brianna solve the crime and get the guy before the killer gets away?

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#2 mustard-based murder: a fourth of july mystery


Shawn Thompson is a man in love. He has one thing left to do before proposing: taking the love of his life to meet the family.

Tanisha Adams knows something is up. Her predictable boyfriend is acting funny—and so is her stomach. She can’t seem to keep anything down or get any answers out of her man, but she is determined to figure it out.

When Shawn takes Tanisha to his hometown of South Carolina for the Annual Community Cook-Off, he didn’t think anything could possibly go wrong. But when someone drops dead, fingers start pointing, everything spirals out of control.

Can Tanisha and Shawn figure out what happened? Or should some secrets be carried to the grave? Find out in Mustard-Based Murder.

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#3 a mistletoe murder: a christmas mystery


Ashton Chambers just wants to go home. But, he has no idea where that is anymore. Fresh out of a divorce, his Christmas spirit is dwindling. Determined not to spend his holiday alone, he takes the last train to his brother’s house, and ends up with much more than he bargained for…

Mikayla Thompson is a grinch, who revels in the Christmas spirit. After all, it’s the most scamminest time of the year. Known for her slick mouth, and breathtaking beauty, she can squeeze her way out of any jam. That is, until she becomes a suspect in a murder investigation. 

Bound together on a speeding train to Nowhere, will Ashton see Mikayla for who she really is? Or will both their lives be cut short on the unlikeliest of holidays? 

Find out in A Mistletoe Murder.

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#4 a masked murder: a halloween mystery

Coming 10/27/2020.